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Welcome on behalf of the Late-Roman Fortlet Foundation! 


The remnants of the ancient Roman fortified harbour built at around 370-371 and unearthed during the construction works of a private property in 2000 is the solely “private” monument of the Roman Limes stretching along the River Danube. Since the owner decided to share the partly reconstructed ruins with the public the Fortlet was opened in 2006. 

In 2009 Mr Zsolt Mráv, the archaeologist and museologist of the National Museum of Hungary, Mr Zsolt Visy PhD, the professor and archaeologist of the University of Pécs and the chairman of the Hungarian Limes Association, the Municipality of Dunakeszi and the owners of the property, Mr Attila Hirschberg and his family founded and ceremonially opened the Late-Roman Fortlet Exhibition to the public. 

In order to maintain and improve the Exhibition and its programmes Mr Hirschberg grounded the Late-Roman Fortlet Foundation in 2011. 

The main activities of the Foundation include the following actions: 

- Protection of our cultural heritage and monuments (lectures, session, meetings, guided tours etc.).

- Education and teaching, improvement of abilities (historical lessons, activities, summer camps for children; conferences, meetings for tutors and other professionals etc.)

- Cultural and artistic activities (promotion of the Exhition, cultural and historical programmes, festivals and events etc.)

- Publication of historical and educational auxiliary documents. 

By the organization of the annual manifold programmes held in the Late-Roman Fortlet Exhibition the Foundation contributes to the promotion of the Exhibition, the improvement of the local students’ historical knowledge in connection with their homeland and the former Roman province of Pannonia and the introduction of the Roman soldiers’ and their barbarian neighbours’ (allies and sometimes adversaries) life living in this distant part of the mighty Roman Empire. 

If you travel along the ancient limes road of the River Danube let us welcome you in the Late-Roman Fortlet Exhibition in Dunakeszi and introduce this unique “private” historical monument and its enthralling story intersperse with peace and war.  


Mrs Katalin Langmayer




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